Private Medical Insurance And Pre-Existing Conditions
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Pre-existing conditions


Don’t get a shock

Pre-existing conditions, from within the last 5 years will not be covered from day one. However, if you go treatment free for the first 2 years whilst you have a policy through So Smart Protect, the condition(s) will be considered at your third year renewal.

It’s vital that you’re upfront when taking out a health insurance policy and disclose any pre-existing medical conditions to us. If you have had symptoms in the past or previously received treatment for any conditions they will show on your medical records, and any claim for medical care or treatment could be rejected.

If you are currently receiving any ongoing treatment for recurring or long-term medical conditions, this is not likely to be covered by your policy. It’s worth keeping this in mind if you are hoping a new health policy would cover existing medical complaints.

Pregnancy or childbirth is also not covered with health insurance. However problems that can be caused from this may be covered, check the policy details with your adviser.

Finally, any emergency care, which requires an ambulance and emergency care are also not covered, however you can be referred once your emergency treatment is completed.

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