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Compare AXA PPP and Health-On-Line Hospitals and Specialist Centres

Use the map below to search your local area, you can make the map full screen by clicking on the square in the top right of the map.


 Hospitals only on a Health-on-line policy

 Hospitals on both Health-on-line and AXA PPP polices

 Hospitals only on an AXA PPP policy

 Specialist centres/hospitals for treatment on both Health-on-line and AXA Policies

 Specialist centres/hospitals for treatment only on an AXA PPP policy

Specialist centres/hospitals include treatment just for one or more of the following: MRI, CT, PET, Psychiatric hospitals, Rehabilitation units, Cataract surgery or Oral surgery.

On a Health-on-line policy you would have access to any of the Yellow, Dark Orange and Orange Hospitals and centres, but an AXA PPP policy you’d have access to them all but yellow.

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