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Top 10 reasons to have life insurance

If you’ve never thought about life insurance, or you’re debating the real reasons to have life insurance, there is one certainty in life: anything can happen. Life insurance will be there to protect your family in the event of your passing, or to reassure yourself you’re set for the future by investing in a sound…
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What’s your excuse for not having Life Insurance?

To protect your family or home in the event of your passing, it’s important to get Life Insurance put in place – you already know that, but you still don’t own a life insurance policy? If you’re putting off taking out a policy, then you should know that having insurance put in place sooner rather…
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Mortgage protection

Understanding Mortgage Protection Insurance

A mortgage is a big commitment and the responsibility to make the monthly repayments is probably your largest outgoing. Therefore, it makes sense to protect your mortgage should you be made redundant, fall ill or suffer an injury. There are two main types of insurance to protect your repayments: a short-term policy called MPPI (Mortgage…
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What will I be asked when I choose a Life Insurance policy?

Lots of consumers put off looking at Life Insurance because they believe it’s a lengthy process, and they’re not sure what questions they will be asked when applying. Nowadays, quotes can be given within 5-10 minutes and an application completed in around 20 minutes. If you go to a whole of the market adviser you’ll…
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5 reasons to speak to a life insurance expert

Comparing quotes and searching providers for Life Insurance can be a frustrating process, like with any other insurance product. Whether you have a budget in mind, want ease of application or simply to secure peace of mind that you and your family are protected, searching the market for the best Life Insurance deal, can be…
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