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Looking after your family in the best possible way

Looking after your family in the best possible way

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Your family is always close to your heart, and it’s natural as a parent to worry about protecting your family – both in life and when you’re not around. That’s why at So Smart we are letting people know about the benefits of life insurance because it really is the best reassurance that everything will be okay when you’re no longer in control.

To give you a bit of insight into how life insurance can protect your family if the worst should happen, we have broken down our services and how this will help you.

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Protecting Children

If you are a parent, we understand that one of your main fears would be not being able to provide for your children. You’re not alone in this, don’t worry! Life insurance cover gives your family financial security, so if the unthinkable should happen to you, then you know that when they finally grow up – they will have financial security thanks to you. This for most parents is the most comforting thing about life insurance.

Protecting your partner

Not only will it help your children, but considering the short-term, your partner would have a lot to cope with which includes taking care of your children and maybe even covering your funeral costs. This can be distressing to think about but knowing that money wouldn’t be one of their concerns during that difficult time can make it all that more comforting!

Protect your home

Outstanding debt on your home could mean that your family will be unable to afford monthly mortgage payments. Life insurance will help cover the costs of your mortgage payments meaning that your family won’t have the additional pressure of covering your on-going financial commitments, and therefore reduces the chance of them getting into any financial trouble relating to your mortgage payments.

Protect yourself

We also offer Critical Illness Life Insurance cover which offers additional security on top of your existing life insurance policy. This cover will give you a lump sum in the unfortunate event that you develop certain illnesses or conditions. If this awful event was to happen to you, then you would be in no place to make arrangements for after-life, so adding this cover means that you and your family have one less issue to deal with during awful circumstances.

No matter what your concern is, we guarantee that there is something our team at So Smart can help to bring a bit of reassurance back to your life.

We offer a completely free, comprehensive life insurance quote tailored to your concerns and circumstances, so why not take a look today? We offer the best-rated life insurance quotes, so you know you’re in safe hands with So Smart. You can look at our quote builder here.


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