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Life Insurance with a disability – can I get cover?

Life Insurance with a disability – can I get cover?


In the UK, there are approximately 14 million people who are registered disabled – that equates to roughly a fifth of the population. With so many people having a disability, the question of life insurance for this group is fairly common.

Disability rights

You may be wondering if, as a disabled person, you are entitled to take out life cover? The good news is that thanks to the Equality Act 2018, insurance companies are not allowed to refuse insurance on the grounds of your disability. Nor should they offer you worse terms than any other customer.

If your disability is fairly minor and you are capable of living a ‘normal’ life with no other health problems, then an insurer may offer you a standard premium. However, it’s worth noting that if your disability means that there is a greater risk of illness or death, they could charge you more for your policy, or may apply special conditions or exclusions.

Do I need to tell my insurance provider about my disability.

If you are taking out a brand new policy, then yes, you will need to declare your disability. Your insurance provider cannot refuse you insurance, but it may cost you more. Your condition is likely to be classed as a ‘pre-existing condition’ which often means that any claims that are directly related to your disability may be excluded from your policy.

You should never be tempted to withhold information about your condition. Failure to disclose important medical information could invalidate your policy. This may mean that if a claim is made, the company may not pay out.

If you already have a life insurance policy and you develop a condition or disability you shouldn’t have to inform your insurance company (unless they specifically state that you should in the T&Cs).

Don’t cancel your policy whatever you do. It’s unlikely that you’ll get it on the same terms as when you were in better health.

Where should I buy life insurance from?

It goes without saying that disability comes in many different forms. For example, it could be a physical disability, hearing or visual impairment or a neurological condition. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all policy when it comes to life insurance, and this is particularly true if you are disabled.

In order to find the right policy, it may be wise to speak to a specialist insurance broker who can search the market for you and recommend suitable policies for your circumstances. They have the experience and specific knowledge needed to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

Speak to a life insurance specialist today to discuss your cover requirements in detail and find cover that’s right for you.

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