10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts for all budgets
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10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts for all budgets

10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts for all budgets

health and fitness gifts

Are you still looking for Christmas present ideas for that special person in your life? If they are into health and fitness – or they at least have plans to in the New Year (don’t we all?) – then here are a few ideas to kick-start their motivation.

From the all-singing, all dancing fitness trackers to the simple but practical stocking fillers, we’ve selected a variety of items to suit all budgets.

Gifts under £100

Fitbit Charge 4 £99.99

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that has it all, then the Fitbit Charge 4 should fit the bill.  It does all the things you’d expect such as step count, heartrate monitor as well as tracking your sleep, making sure you get that all important 8 hours.  On top of that, it has built-in GPS which means you can explore the outdoors and track your route.   

Other benefits include app alerts, text notifications and NFC payments meaning you can leave your wallet at home, but still treat yourself to that post-workout coffee.

Gifts under £50

BlendJet £31.95

If you are into fresh, nutritious shakes and smoothies but find it hard to keep this up when at work or because you’re often out and about then this product is perfect.  

The BlendJet is a small, compact food blender which can be wireless as you charge it via a USB. So simple enough to pop into your work bag or keep in the car for healthy blends on the go.  

Orb Drinks Bottle £29.99

Not just any drinks bottle, this one is designed to keep you safe!  The bottle comes has four, super-bright LED lights built into the lid, giving off a glow of over 70 lumens.  If you’re a walker or runner, it’s streamline shape makes it easy to carry or it can be attached to your bike to give extra visibility when cycling.  

Gifts under £20

Digital Skipping Rope £15.99

If the last time you used a skipping rope was in primary school, you could be missing out on some great health benefits.  Skipping can provide a great, high impact workout.  It can be done anywhere and you don’t have to pay for expensive equipment.  The particular model keeps count on your jumps, so you can try to beat your own personal best!

Bluetooth Headphones £19.54

Running or walking is great for your health and fitness, without having to spend any money.  However, keeping up the motivation can be hard, but with some powerful tunes in your ears, there will be no stopping you.  Wired headphones can be awkward when on the move so wireless, bluetooth headphones are the answer.  There are lots of expensive models on the market however these are certainly acceptable for the beginner.  They are even waterproof if you fancy popping them on for your daily swim. 

Yoga Mat £18.00

Even if you weren’t managing to keep up with Joe Wicks every day during lockdown, at home workouts have certainly become more popular.   There are lots of yoga workouts on YouTube or via smartphone apps, paid-for and free.  The beauty of a yoga workout is that you don’t really need any fancy equipment to be able to participate.  However, you will be much more comfortable if you have a decent mat that will protect your joints.  This durable mat from ProWorks comes in a variety of colours and comes with a carry strap, for when we can finally get out and about to yoga classes. 

Stocking fillers under £10

Core Sliding Discs £9.95

These may look like a kids frisbee but actually they can provide a simple, but pretty solid workout for the whole body.  The discs are double sided and can be used on most surfaces.  These sliders come with a free workout chart to get you started and you can also download an accompanying app that shows you a multitude of exercises that can be done with the discs.  Very effective, and portable too, if you wanted to take them away when travelling.

Reflective Bands £3.95

A perfect size stocking filler that won’t break the bank.  These cute little bands come in different colours and are perfect for adding to your visibility levels, particularly when exercising during the dark mornings and evenings at this time of year.  Wear them around your wrist or ankle, or simply attach to your clothing or rucksack to make sure you’re seen.

Mindful Card Pack £8.95

Health and fitness isn’t just about the physical aspect of your body, we all need to do our bit to keep our minds healthy too.  The Blurt Foundation was set up to help increase awareness of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and sells products to help us stay mindful.  These cards can help us stay focused and ease our anxious minds with some helpful and relaxing activities and positive thoughts.  

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