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How to make your healthy New Year’s resolution a success

How to make your healthy New Year’s resolution a success

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As the bells ring out to welcome in 2019, many of us will be thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions that we want for 2019.

The majority of people will want to get healthy – whether that’s drinking less, quitting smoking or maybe losing some weight or doing more exercise – but how many of us will actually stick to it once January is over.

We’ve created a list of tips to help make your healthy plan a successful one – good luck!

New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Try not to make too many new year’s resolutions – life is challenging enough without adding too many other things into the mix.  Focus your energy onto one clear goal.
  2. Don’t leave it until midnight on the 31st December to decide what your resolution will be for the year.  Think about what you really want to achieve in 2019, rather than having a last minute panic.
  3. If you’ve struggled with resolution’s before, choose something different. Trying to revisit an old challenge can be frustrating and can start you off on the wrong foot.  Going for a new goal can give you much more focus as you’ll probably have to think about it more.
  4. Try to break your goal down into smaller, more measurable targets.  Don’t just say you want to lose 5 stone – say you want to lose 2lbs a week instead which seems much more realistic.  But it all adds up in the end.  And as they say slow and steady wins the race.
  5. Plan ahead.  Writing a meal plan or exercise plan in advance can help you stick to your goals without going off track.
  6. Tell everyone what you are doing!  You may just be surprised at how supportive your friends and family are!
  7. Keep a record of your achievements – whether it’s an app to keep track on your mobile or pictures put up on your fridge, having something visual to chart your journey can do wonders for your motivation.
  8. Reward yourself when you do well, but make sure it’s in keeping with your goal.  If you’re trying to lose weight, a cheat day every now and again is okay, but rewarding yourself with junk food every time you have a loss isn’t really going to help you switch from bad habits to good.   Maybe treat yourself to a new item of clothing or a day out somewhere instead.
  9. Don’t be disheartened if you revert back to your old habits once in a while – but don’t let it break your whole journey.  Little blips are to be expected, but just treat them as a temporary setback before getting yourself back on track.
  10. Reassess and adjust as needed – there’s no shame in changing the goalposts.  You may want to change your goals as you make progress – perhaps you started off with running 10k as your goal but why not challenge yourself to a 5k to get you started. Likewise if you started small, you might be ready to take on larger challenges.

Healthier, happier you

Getting into shape in 2019 can help you to lead a happier, healthier life. Health insurance can help to keep your healthy lifestyle on track and offers benefits for both you and your family.

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