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Hate the Gym? Simple alternatives to keep you in shape!

Hate the Gym? Simple alternatives to keep you in shape!

Hate The Gym

Exercise is key to keeping in good health and whilst many people head to the gym for their regular fitness regime, this might not work for everyone.

Some people can find the gym intimidating, are reluctant to pay the joining and monthly fees or simply would rather exercise outdoors. Whatever the reason, here are some alternatives to the gym so you can still keep in shape. And what’s even better is that all of them, as well as keeping you healthy, shouldn’t cost you a penny so great for keeping your finances in check too!

Get walking

Let’s start with the obvious one. Lots of us lead sedentary lifestyles – sat at desks, driving or simply just lounging on the sofa watching Netflix all weekend, so walking – even if it’s just a little more than you usually do is a good starting point.

Try leaving the car keys at home when you pop out to the shop or park a little bit further away in the work car park. If you’re more serious about walking, you could join a local walking group in your community. Buddying up with fellow walkers is a great way to keep you motivated and it’s a great way of meeting new friends with similar interests.

Whilst walkers don’t always progress to running or jogging, you may find that as your fitness levels improve, you may be able to push yourself a little harder, so who knows?

Dance your socks off

Strutting your stuff shouldn’t be restricted to your sister’s wedding or the annual Christmas party – why not pop on your favourite tunes at home and get dancing around the living room. This can be great fun – especially if you have younger kids too as they’ll probably join you! Just be sure to close the curtains if you’re feeling a little self-conscious.

YouTube – not just about cats

Exercise videos have always been ideal for those wanting to work out in the comfort of their own home but these days you don’t even need to spend any money to achieve the same results.

YouTube is full of exercise videos, many hosted by qualified personal trainers; from gentle 5 min warm ups to full-on high intensity workouts. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your interests and fitness levels – just don’t get distracted by all the videos of cute kittens on there.

Green fingers

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then gardening is a great way to get a workout. It may not seem like a lot but all that kneeling, mowing and digging is likely to burn more calories than you think.
If you don’t have your own garden to manage, then why not see if there are any allotments in your local area. There is normally a cost for this, however it is fairly minimal compared to an expensive gym membership. Not only will it help you to burn some calories but it’s a sustainable way to grow your own vegetables, giving you your healthy five-a-day and saving you money on your grocery bills too.


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