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Could you go completely sugar-free?

Could you go completely sugar-free?

Sugar Free

From celebrity endorsers such as Davina McCall, to charity health drives, such as Cancer Research’s Sugar-Free February, it seems that everybody is joining the sugar-free trend in 2017.

As a nation, we are slowly becoming much more aware of the type of food we put in our body and how it affects our health and lifestyle.  And whilst a little treat of the sweet stuff every now and again shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, consuming large quantities of sugar shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s diet.

So just how bad is a high-sugar diet?

Well for starters, eating too many sugary foods can cause us to pile on the pounds – those who are overweight or obese are at a much higher risk of serious illnesses such as heart attack, stroke or diabetes.   Long-term sugar consumption could also cause resistance to insulin – a hormone in the body which regulates your metabolism and helps to break down extra fat, rather than storing it.  If your body becomes resistant to insulin, it can be a very difficult process to reverse it – so in these terms, prevention is the best cure!

Benefits of quitting

Not only could you drop pounds, decreasing the risk of future illness, but you’ll likely see improvement in the condition of your skin and hair.  Energy levels will typically increase, rather than suffering from post-sugar lulls.  If you have been suffering from insomnia, you may find that reducing your sugar intake could also help to a more peaceful night’s sleep.

The long-term benefits of going sugar-free certainly outweigh the quick burst of pleasure you get from eating that bar of chocolate.

How easy is it to go completely sugar-free?

It’s actually easier said than done.  Truth is, you probably couldn’t go completely sugar-free – well not for long anyway.  Sugar actually occurs naturally in a lot of foods, most notably fruit – and cutting this out wouldn’t be an altogether smart move as you’d be missing out on a whole load of other nutrients.

However it is possible to quit, or at least vastly reduce your intake of refined and added sugars.  Not just the teaspoon you add to your coffee, but the hidden sugars that you find in processed and packaged foods.

As well as cutting out the obvious sugary snacks like sweets and biscuits, cooking from scratch with fresh, healthy ingredients can help you to stick to your sugar-free goals.

With the sugar-free diet being massively on trend this year, you’ll find no shortage of websites, blogs and cookbooks helping you to stay on track with your new eating plan.

Withdrawal symptoms

If like me you are a real sugar-addict, you may notice a few side effects at the start of your sugar-free journey.  It’s not unusual to get a nagging headache and suffer from horrendous cravings.  Willpower is an absolute must if you want to take it seriously.  Remember to drink lots of water – not only will this help to naturally suppress your appetite and reduce the cravings but there are also plenty of other health benefits to drinking plenty of water.

Once the sugar begins to work its way out of your system, the side-effects will subside and you’ll feel like a totally new person – and will continue to reap the health benefits in the future too.

Have you quit sugar?  Let us know how you got on in the comments below?


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