Five reasons why Summer can be good for your health
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5 reasons why Summer is good for your health

5 reasons why Summer is good for your health

The Summer holidays are an ideal time to enjoy all the benefits of the season. It’s also a great time to enjoy extra health benefits that come with the warm, sunny weather.

Have fun outdoors

Whilst there are some die-hard fitness fans who love a good outdoor workout in the winter months, many of us find it challenging to exercise in the cold and dark. We’d rather opt to stay inside.  However during Summer there is no excuse. There are plentiful hours of sunlight each day, and the temperature is much more pleasant. This means plenty of opportunities to get outside and walk, run or cycle.  

Spending time outdoors is beneficial to your health. It can relieve stress and increase mood. Working up a sweat is not only good cardiovascular exercise, it can also be a good detox for your body. However don’t forget to rehydrate with plenty of fluids during hot weather). 

In this country we are severely lacking in Vitamin D which is essential to keep us healthy. Just 10 mins in natural sunlight each day can be enough for us to receive our daily dose.  Just remember to stay safe in the sun if you are out in it for longer. Pop on some sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to stay cool and protected.  

It’s Summer holiday season

Taking a break from your usual routine to travel somewhere new is a great way to keep yourself healthy.  They say a change is as good as a rest and that really is true. A holiday is an ideal opportunity for relaxation which will help to reduce stress levels. Whether you’re taking the kids away for a break during the school holidays or you’re simple after some time away from the corporate rat-race, taking a break can provide some real health benefits.

Make the most of fresh produce

Summertime brings sun and warmth (well, we can all hope!) and that of course stimulates growth. Because of this fruits and vegetables are in abundance at the moment.  What a great opportunity to incorporate these into your regular diet and try to boost your vitamin levels. 

Seek out farmers’ markets or greengrocers where you’ll be provided with the freshest produce.  If there aren’t any locally, then you can still source fresh ingredients in your local supermarket.  Try to buy produce that’s produced locally whilst it’s in season.

Fruit and vegetables are a great option for a summer diet.  When the weather is warmer we tend to shy away from heavy meals so fresh produce is ideal.   From salads and smoothies to delicious soups there are a variety of options to make the most of everything that’s currently in season.  

Summer regulates your sleep

If you suffer from insomnia or sleep problems, probably the last thing you would think of being able to help is sunshine.  It may seem strange, but sunlight can actually help to regulate your internal biological clock. Exposure to sunlight first thing in the morning can help those who have problems getting to sleep at night, enabling you to get those 8 hours of sleep that experts recommend.  .

Overall Summer vibes

There is no doubt about it, sunlight does make us feel good.  This is one of the reasons that so many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the long dark days in winter months.  

With so many hours of sunlight available it can really boost your mood.  It’s also a good opportunity to get outdoors for some fresh air or just open the windows wide and let the cool summer breeze permeate through the home.  

Summer is a great time to spend in the garden, heading out for a picnic, taking walks along the beach.  Whatever it is that makes you feel good, just enjoy the happy state that is all around you in the Summer! 

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