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Critical Illness Insurance


What is Critical Illness Cover?

Critical illness cover gives you financial protection should you be diagnosed with a serious illness.
Do you know how you would cope financially if you were unable to work and still having to support your family, and pay the day to day bills, such as a mortgage or credit card payments?
Critical illness insurance will pay out a lump sum, upon diagnosis of one of the conditions listed on your policy. All policies include as standard cover for a heart attack, stroke and cancer. Many policies offer more comprehensive protection that covers you for a wider range of illnesses. Critical illness is usually added on to a life insurance policy and the length of the cover is defined by you, often for the length of a mortgage or whilst your children are financially dependent on you.

What are the benefits of Critical Illness cover?


Everyday living, monthly bills and cover should you have extra expenses due to an illness, such as adapting your home or car


Payments to suit your budget and cover requirements


Covering up to 178 conditions (differs by provider)


Choose the level of cover that’s right for you, up to £250,000

Let’s look at the stats!

Here are just a few reasons to choose Critical Illness cover through So Smart Protect:

Payout Rate

Illnesses Covered

Tax Free Payout

Unable to work! who will pay the bills?

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What’s not covered on Critical Illness Insurance?

Like with any insurance policy there are circumstances where a policy may not pay-out on diagnosis of an illness; such as contracting a condition that is not listed on your policy, if you pass away within a certain number of days following diagnosis (a separate life insurance policy would be required for this), or not keeping up with your payments. Discuss your requirements with our team and they can show you different cover options to suit your needs.

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Types of Critical Illness Cover

So what type of cover do you need?


Is designed to cover you for rises in inflation.  As the cover amount increases, so will your premium payments. This is suggested for those looking to cover increases in salary or additional livings costs, such as a rise in mortgage repayments or education costs.


A decreasing policy will cover payments such as a mortgage or loans/credit cards. These debts will reduce over the length of the policy, the more of the balance you pay off. Overtime, the premiums will reduce as the amount of cover you leave behind lowers.

Let’s find life cover that’s right for you

Our team of heroes are ready to help you find the right critical illness cover for you and your family. We can explain all your cover options and guide you to make the right choice for your cover.
We can provide you with peace of mind your family are financially cared for in the event of an illness.

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* Critical illness claims hit 15,464 with 92.2% of claims paid out at an average value of almost £68,000 (2016). Taken from ABI
* 178 conditions is the highest amount offered by one of our panal of lenders. The number of conditions you will be covered for will depend on the chosen provider and policy type, they range from 3 – 178 conditions.