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How much does private health cover for children cost?

As a parent, the health of your children is likely at the top of your worry list.  If you have a child that is poorly, it can be frustrating just trying to get a doctors appointment sometimes.  And if they need additional treatment, you could be left waiting for months to see a specialist.   As…
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5 reasons why Summer is good for your health

The Summer holidays are an ideal time to enjoy all the benefits of the season. It’s also a great time to enjoy extra health benefits that come with the warm, sunny weather. Have fun outdoors Whilst there are some die-hard fitness fans who love a good outdoor workout in the winter months, many of us…
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Family summer

5 health risks to avoid this Summer

This summer, most of us will want to enjoy being out and about in the sunshine.  Whether you’re staying in the UK or you’re heading abroad, it’s important to protect yourself against some of the health risks out there this summer. Sunburn It can be hard to resist basking in the sunshine – especially when…
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healthly you 2019

A Healthier You In 2019

Did you make any new years resolutions this year? It’s usually around February that those good intentions get left behind but if you’re still feeling motivated to make some self-improvements then why not follow these tips to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle in 2019. Eat healthy Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the best…
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Healthly Eating

How to eat healthy with your family

A healthy, well balanced diet will go a long way to keeping you and your family in good health but with busy lifestyles, tight budgets and fussy eaters it may seem like everything is conspiring against us. But making just a few simple adjustments to your habits can help to get your family’s healthy eating…
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5 Benefits

5 amazing benefits of stopping smoking

We understand how difficult it can be to kick the smoking habit but often one of the biggest motivators can be understanding the benefits you’ll achieve from quitting.  Combined they can really improve your quality of life – as well as your life expectancy. Whilst the benefits are endless we’ve listed five key points below…
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Sugar Free

Could you go completely sugar-free?

From celebrity endorsers such as Davina McCall, to charity health drives, such as Cancer Research’s Sugar-Free February, it seems that everybody is joining the sugar-free trend in 2017. As a nation, we are slowly becoming much more aware of the type of food we put in our body and how it affects our health and…
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Paying to much

Are you paying too much for your health insurance?

Although all UK citizens are entitled to free healthcare on the NHS, added pressures to the service mean that having health insurance in place is no longer considered something for the privileged few – having access to quality healthcare is a choice that many more people are taking to ensure that they – and their…
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Hate The Gym

Hate the Gym? Simple alternatives to keep you in shape!

Exercise is key to keeping in good health and whilst many people head to the gym for their regular fitness regime, this might not work for everyone. Some people can find the gym intimidating, are reluctant to pay the joining and monthly fees or simply would rather exercise outdoors. Whatever the reason, here are some…
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axa benefits

Benefits of AXA Health Insurance

Despite the fact that every UK resident has free access to healthcare as part of the NHS, there are still a number of benefits to private healthcare, despite the additional cost. If private health insurance is something you are considering, whether it’s just for you as an individual or you want to look after the…
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